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Work with our development team to integrate biosurfactants in your products

Paid Pilot Project

Interested in our tech? We are currently looking to partner with corporations to develop paid pilot projects to showcase our innovation in a commercial setting. We will work with you to deliver a customized project plan that meets your needs and deliver exceptional results.

Dispersa Biosurfactant Product Line

We are working on scaling up production through our proprietary fermentation process to deliver our Dispersa product line. Our products will consist of versatile biosurfactants ingredients and biosurfactant-based formulations based on your needs. These products will soon be available for purchase.


Not sure if this applies to your business? Not a current user of surfactants? We are here to help you! The versatile nature of biosurfactants allows it to be used in a wide-variety of different applications.

Our team of experts are ready to help identify areas where our products can be integrated in your products and/or processes. We can develop custom solutions for your specific needs, offer consultancy to explore how biosurfactants can be of value to you, and work on a plan together to achieve greater sustainability.

Licensing Agreements

Get in touch with us to learn more about our licensing partnership option to leverage our biosurfactant production platform.

To inquire about our products and services, contact us.